Something in the dark Lyrics

Morgana le Fay
Stefano (based on the poem "Morgana le Fay" by Julius Madison Cawein)

In dim samite was she bedight by the light of moon
and on her hair a hoop of gold
like fox-fire in the moonlight she stood
and glimmering cold

For all her looks were full of spells,
And all her words of sorcery.
And in some way they seemed to say
'Oh, come with me!'

Morgana, Morgana Le Fay
shut down your heart or you will fall into sin
Morgana, Morgana Le Fay
don't you listen to her
Morgana Le Fay

How should he know the wily witch with a sweet white face
on the shoulders there were raven hair
Who, by her art bewitched his heart, and held him there
who is so fool?

And all he saw was her bright eyes,
And her face that held him still;
And wild and wan she led him on
Over the hill

Morgana, Morgana Le Fay
shut down your heart or you will fall into sin
Morgana, Morgana Le Fay
don't you listen to her

With soft gray eyes she gloomed and glowered;
With soft red lips she sang a song:
What knight might gaze upon her face,
Nor fare along?
Nor fare along?

Morgana, Morgana Le Fay
all that she said will bring you into the night
Morgana, Morgana Le Fay
the queen of the shadowland
the queen of the shadowland
Morgana Le Fay

The Witch

Shameless filthy wretches.
How you celebrate her ascension with such joy…

Hailing the very one whom we have condemned for generations.
Have we no shame?
What happened to the evil,
ruthless sorceress from our fantasies?

The cold-blooded tyrant that slaughtered
countless men and destroyed many nations?
A new era has just begun,
this is reality.

This is only the beginning.
Let her start a new reign of terror.

Where is she now?
She stands before our very eyes to become our new ruler.
Sit back and enjoy the show and rest assured, you fools.
Our time will come.

She will let us live a fantasy beyond your imagination.
A new era has just begun,
this is reality.

No one can help us...
the witch needs a ritual...
No one can help us...
the witch needs a sacrifice...
She'll use merciless spells to burn green
fields and freeze our sweet warm hometowns.

The witch is coming.
She shall dance through all of eternity.
The witch is coming.
Eternal be she and the fantasy.

Do you breathe sighs of relief, now,
as the fearsome witch is on our side?
Which of us is the one that dreams, now,
fantasy upon fantasy?

The witch is coming.
She shall dance through all of eternity.
The witch is coming.
Eternal be she and the fantasy.

Run into our fantasies...
In their fevered world shall she dance for us.
Run into our fantasies...
'Cause life and death, in them... are but an exquisite dream.

She'll dance through all eternity.

Babylon the Great

I saw a woman sit upon a beast,
Full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads.

The woman was arrayed in purple
Decked with gold and precious pearls
Upon her forehead there was a name
The beast that thou sawest was, and is not.

Mistery, Babylon the great
The mother of harlots and abominations
Mistery, Babylon the great
she is that great city which reign over kings of the earth.

I saw the woman drunken with the blood
With the blood of the martyrs... martyrs of the Christ

Having a golden cup in her hand
Full of abominations and filthiness
Upon her forehead there were names
And whose were not written in book of life

Snakes of Paradise

God called to the man: "Where are you?"
He was walking in the garden
in the cool of the day
When the man and his wife heard him
They got scared
And they hid among the trees of the garden.

"Where are you?"

I heard you in the garden,
And I was afraid because I was naked; so I hide.
Who told you... you were naked?
Have you eaten from the tree
That I commanded you not to eat from?

The woman gave me some fruit from the tree
The serpent deceived me, and I ate.

Snakes of paradise, I want you to know
Wherever you hide, wherever you run away
I will give chase always breathing down your neck
Owe me the innocence of my creation

I was innocent, my only will was to survive
But something break down on me
I saw my actions and where they was carrying me

“Cursed are you above all livestock
you will eat dust all the days of your life.
I will put enmity between you and the woman,
she will crush your head, and you will strike her heel.

I was the best of angels, but for God not enough
How can the Lord prefered a woman and a man?
He have had to suffer and vengence will be mine
I will hit the love of God, his most precious thing

The snake was so perfect to implement the plan
And with my power I hacked its will

Snakes of paradise, I want you to know
wherever you are, wherever you bite the dust
You will forever have my gratitude
my evil plan now is done
thank you snake!


It's dark.
I walk, but I can't move.
I open my eyes, but I can't see...
(I) get out from my bed and I see that I can move
It was a dream

there's only a light in the open space
of the advertising agency
A man was working late at night
but now it's time for him to back home

There's something's moving
Dancing shadows on a wall scare that man
A door is closing...

There is nobody in the hall
and that man is running in fear,
A blow hits him on the head and he falls in total dark,
that kind of dark that will not become light

On my purple copybook I can read something
How is it possibile? I can't remember
I read but I can't believe to those words...

My thoughts and my dreams are no longer mine: I'm theirs.
I feel trapped in them, captured by a will I cannot control
I am like a spectator of a running train
through anonymous lands that I cannot see

Dark... there's no light, only dark

An ancient rage grows into me:
The kills I see are connecting me,
Every day and every night,
To play a role which is not mine,
To things I don't want to know

The Haunted Palace

Based on the "The Haunted Palace" poem by Edgar Allan Poe

Spirits of the Dead

Based on the "Spirits of the Dead" poem by Edgar Allan Poe

Something in the Dark

This is all we know about the events of last summer
We have filmed what we could:
The party was amazing*, there were food and pretty girls,
We were having fun until a sudden noise distracted us

A car hit a light pole but there was none* on board
We noticed the whole* neighborhood was in darkness
A scream shaked the air: it was the old Jones' voice
The rocking chair yet moves... but there no sign* of him

Every time we turned the gaze someone disappeared

We were surrounded by an invisible threat

"Help me! help! all lights are gone
Out there is something... something in the dark!"

There was no signal, the tv showed just noise
There was no way to contact the outer world

The moon was not visible and there were no clouds in the sky
The stars were disappearing like someone(body) was stealing them
The dark was so deep that we could touch it with our hands
And from the dark was coming that force: there was no way out

But when we got up the look, understood the reason why...
The creatures from outer space were* building a dark dome
Run to the power plant! and release the prisoners
But that was not enough, the creatures were all around us!

When all seemed to be lost
The creatures fell into the trap
And the dome crushed
And we were free under the sun