Braggart Stories and Dark Poems

  1. Renegade
    Music by Luca & Stefano, lyrics by Stefano
  2. Tyger
    Music by Stefano
  3. Eldorado
    Music by Stefano
  4. City of Darkness
    Music by Stefano
  5. At the Sign of the Skull
    Music by Stefano
  6. Down Among the Dead Men
    Music by Luca & Stefano
  7. The Lightning Thief
    Music by Luca & Stefano, lyrics by Stefano
  8. They Called Him Trinity
    Arrangement by Luca & Stefano
  9. Never Die
    Music & lyrics by Stefano

Released on November 2017
Produced by Luca & Stefano
Mixed and Mastering by Chris Peden
Album cover by Stefano
Photo from the "Magic book" by colgreyis

Additional Credits

Electric guitars on all tracks recorded by Luca
Bass on all tracks recorded by Stefano
Drum Editor on tracks 1, 5, 7, 8, 9 by Federico Foglia
Flutes on track 4 by Gabygiuliane955
Piano on track 7 by Alios
Acustic guitars on 4 and Slide guitar on track 5 by Roberto Diana
Drums on tracks 2, 4 and 6 by Andrea Space
Francesco La Rosa, drummer of Extrema, M-pire of Evil, MEGANOID and Thought Machine, recorded drums on Tyger.
A special thanks to Davide Merletto, ex-former professional singer of Daedalus, Planethard and now with Strive: he recorded every single vocal track!

Lyrics Concepts

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